So anders und doch so gleich,
so bunt und strahlend und doch so verdreckt und erschreckend ungepflegt,
so liebevoll und doch so hart,
vielleicht einfach doch so anders?!

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Nagarkot and military

Alright guys, i'm going to try to write in english... i want some of my 'non-german' friends to be able to read what i'm writing too!

Wenn es dort draußen jemensch gibt, der*die eine deutsche Version benötigt, meldet euch! Vielleicht fall ich eh bald ins deutsche zurück :-p ...

Alright then,
last thursday and friday i've been in Nagarkot, that's a village east of Kathmandu but still in Kathmandu valley. 

It's a place out of almost only hotels, lodges, guest houses and some shops and restaurant, i've been told before. But actually there exists a school too and last but not least a pretty huge military camp... first time i've ever experienced that many military guys around me. And actually i didn't like it! What a miracle :D
Lets start with some nice facts: i was there with some others, german people. One of them I know from Leipzig, we have been studying together for some time. The others are a friend, her cousin and her sister, all of them really cool people. We gotta see eachother soon again :-) 
We went there by bus, lazyness succeeded over being activ and walk there at least so we went by bus ... the first day we walked up the hill next to nagarkot to a special view point. great himalaye view there.
In generel we were told that one should be able to see the Everest, but we're not sure whether that's right or not... 

So we basically spent there the day, hang around and were walking around the village. As walking in the sun ist really exhausting if one's not used to it, we went to bed pretty early, that says around 9 or 10 and even slept in the afternoon for maybe an hour.
Power cut did the last to keep us in bed early ... :D
The next morning we got up before dawn and walked up the hill again, the atmosphere was just great and beautiful ' til the moment where we almost bumped into maybe around 100 soldiers who were staying besides the street and waiting for there morningly training... awkward situation! I really didn't like the feeling that there's a national army base camp around me and training to be ready to fight and kill.


I asked whether there's compulsory military service or whether one can decide to go there or not and was really surprised cause of the answer: it's no must to do the service and only 1 out of 20 youngsters seem to decide to do the service. At least that would say that most of the people don't put that high importance in military, on the other hand that also means that there are probably quiet a bunch of military-addicts forming a military elite.
On other point to think of concerning making a decision pro and contra doing military service is probably still the caste to which one belongs in tradition. The bound of caste weakens, but it seems to be still there at some points... 
Was definetly strange being in such a presence of military! Never experienced that before, and hope won't be the case that often again...!
At least i was shocked by the implicitness with which there were kinds of graffitis painted on stones along the way through the camp and their unmistakable mission to fight and kill.

At one point there was nothing left but to laugh, a group of soldiers rolling and crawling in the mud, Moaning, groaning and soughing about their poor fortune... will never forget that in confrontation with some of these poor guys when they feel once again superior and cocksure about their so thought imposing expression.  

Lets change the topic to something more amusing than military! 

At least we arrived at a really nice but not that crowded viewpoint and watched the sunrise. It's just unbelieveble beautiful, the moment when the sun smirkes with her first reys on ones face. A new day is starting and once again the mind of the world is awaking. Just have a look on the pictures, words are not worthy to spend on such impression: 

After having got a sunburn, being hungry and having had enough of looking into a way too bright sun we decided to have breakfast just next to the viewpoint and then walking down. Decision made, done, everyone happy!

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